Dallas, Texas | November 18 – 19 | 9 AM Central

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Upgrade your Weekend 2 Wealth Experience!

The VIP Weekend 2 Wealth Experience comes with the following bonuses:

➔ Admission to Session I & II (2 Days)

➔ Online Interactive Virtual Experience

Virtually Network with other attendees

➔ Pre and Post Event Training

Bonus#1: Apartment Investor Self-Assessment & Implementation Call ($997)

➔ Bonus#2: Home Study Course – Introduction to Apartment Investing ($197) 

➔ Bonus#3: Live Q&A with Brad (Priceless)

BONUS #1: Apartment Investor Self-Assessment & Implementation Call ($997)

Self Assessment

15 Minutes or less to help determine your greatest areas of opportunity within Apartment Investing.  Whether you are new to investing or seasoned, this assessment will leave you knowing exactly what gaps you need to fill.

Implementation Call

Our Implementation specialists will help you analyze your results and help you develop your next steps in the areas you need to improve.

BONUS #2: Home Study Course – Introduction to Apartment Investing ($197)

What you will learn in the Apartment Investor Home Study Course

  • How the rich think vs. How average people think
  • Brad’s proven “recipe” for double-digit returns
  • Why you need cash flow and capital gains
  • The power of leverage and OPM
  • Why apartment investing beats single-family rentals
  • Using other people’s money to buy large apartments legally
  • How to identify a good market
  • 3 things to do to prepare yourself before investing
  • Brad’s proven apartment investing process
  • Financing basics
  • Finding, analyzing, and closing deals
  • How to make offers
  • The “Deal Sponsor” – How to move forward faster
  • Reasons to be a passive investor
  • Doing your due diligence
  • Asset management
  • Rehab
  • How Brad uses his IRA to invest in more apartments
  • & So much more!

BONUS #3: Live Q&A with Brad (Priceless)

Engage Directly with an Industry Expert

This Live Q&A session provides a unique opportunity to interact directly with Brad, a renowned figure in the real estate investment arena. Imagine having your burning questions answered, receiving personalized insights, and gaining direct guidance from someone who has achieved remarkable success in the field.

Why This Bonus Matters

The Live Q&A session with Brad adds an extra layer of value to your “Weekend 2 Wealth” experience. It’s a rare chance to connect directly with an expert who’s dedicated to your success in real estate investing.

Brad Sumrok - Apartment Investor Mentor

Brad Sumrok

#1 apartment investor mentor, aka “the apartment king”

Brad Sumrok is not just an expert; he’s a mentor who genuinely cares about your success. With over two decades of real estate experience, Brad’s journey began with a single investment property and has since grown into a vast portfolio. He’s made it his mission to help others achieve similar success.

Outside of real estate, Brad cherishes time with his family and believes in a healthy work-life balance. He’s also passionate about giving back to the community.

Join Brad’s Mission: Brad’s goal is to mentor and impact the lives of aspiring real estate investors. With his guidance, you too can embark on a journey towards financial freedom and wealth-building.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from a true industry expert. Secure your spot at Brad Sumrok’s Real Estate Mastery Weekend Event now and set your course towards financial prosperity.

Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s  what our clients have to say…

After 2.5 years in Brad’s Personal Mentoring Program, my wife & I have syndicated & purchased seven properties totaling over 1,300 units. Our net worth has increased by over $4,000,000 and I was able to quit my six-figure job. We now spend our time traveling the world and have more freedom than ever before.

— Venkat & Sri Avasarala

With Brad’s training, we purchased Casa Bella Apartments and 32 months later, we sold it and received a check in the amount of $240,931.30 from the sale! This doesn’t even include our annual returns we received as well. Our total return on our investment is an almost unbelievable 229%. Choosing Brad as our Mentor has changed our lives!
— Sven & Rebecca Dienst

I (Bonnie) was able to quit my 6-figure job in less than 2 years & Kerry was able to quit his in less than 4 years! Thanks to Brad’s program we increased our net worth by over $3,000,000 in less than 3 years. We now enjoy being able to spend more time with our family & are lucky enough to be able to give back to those in need.
— Bonnie & Kerry Staples

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