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Since 2005, Brad has personally helped his students purchase over 3.5 billion dollars in apartment complexes, involving thousands of investors who have taken his training. Many of Brad’s students began with zero previous investing experience and, within a few short years, hundreds of students have retired and/or increased their net worth by over $1 MILLION.  Even more are earning double-digit average annualized returns!

Brad’s first investment EVER was in 2002.  He started with a 32-unit apartment complex and by 2005 he retired from his six-figure income job.  Over the years, Brad has owned over 7500 units in 11 US Markets.  He and his wife Jen earn 7-figures annually from their investments and have in turn significantly reduced their taxes. 

Brad and Jen love to spend time with friends and family and love traveling internationally.  They are also passionate about charity and along with their students have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities and have a goal to contribute over $1 MILLION in charity. 

Their mission is to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom by investing in apartments and following Brad’s 20-year proven process.  Brad wants you to be able to enjoy the same quality of life that he and Jen are so fortunate to have.

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National Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year (2012)

Brad Sumrok Independent Rental Owner of the Year - Paragon Awards

Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers and Market Leaders Award (2014)

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