March 9th and 10th, 2019



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General Admission Includes:

  • 16 hours of Training Directly from Brad
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    Network with HUNDREDS of other investors
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    Meet Top Service Providers Hand-Picked by Brad
  • BONUS 1/2 day Bus Tour where you will see properties owned by Brad and his Students
  • Lunch Provided


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  • Exclusive VIP Lounge with Extra Refreshments & Coffee
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VENUE: The Event will be Held at the ​

Hurst Conference Center

1601 Campus Dr, Hurst, TX 76054 

Event is held Saturday March 9th from 8am - 7pm & Sunday March 9th from 8am - 6pm

HOTELS:  Hurst Conference Center

AIRPORTS: There are two major airports close to the event venue: 

DFW Airport 


Love Field 


Apartment Investor Weekend Training:

People Just Like You Are Retiring Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible As A Result Of My Training And Mentoring. No Experience Is Required And Virtually Anyone Can Do It.

You are personally invited to Dallas next month where you’ll discover how intelligent, hard working people just like you are investing in big apartment deals, getting started with no experience, and able to quit their jobs, make real passive income, and live a life of financial freedom on their own terms very quickly!

Want to know the true secrets of successful apartment investing only millionaires and top level investors know that the average person will never know? This is your chance.

I always knew I wanted to be financially free, but I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to invest in real estate because of the high returns, stability, and passive income but no idea where the heck to start.

I went to college, got good grades, secured myself a decent high paying job, and to everyone around me I was doing “so well”, but I was dying inside. I thought to myself “this can’t be it, can it? Is this the pinnacle of my life? I did everything I was supposed to, yet I’m never going to get rich if I keep going on like this.”

If you’ve ever felt this way, you are not alone, this is very common among my students. This is one big reason people serious about investing will come to my weekend training: it is extremely important you get around people who want the same things you want. It can be a lonely ride to the top, and most of us can’t really talk to our friends and family about this kind of stuff if you know what I mean.

When I became a millionaire through investing in apartments, I decided to mentor others to do the same. I am willing to help anyone willing to help themselves. I believe you can do it, even if you have no experience. When I started, I didn’t know what to do either and that’s why mentors are so important.

Why Apartments And Not Single Family Homes?

Most people believe you should start with single family homes, and “work your way up” to multi-family buildings where the real money and leverage is...

While it’s true, apartment buildings are the fast track to real and stable wealth, it’s complete hogwash you need to “inch your way up” - I didn’t, my students haven’t, and you don’t need to either.

I know you are skeptical with anything that sounds too good to be true, yet I am going to prove to you live and in person that real people just like you are successfully investing in apartments and building real wealth. (I recently had a student buy a 300 unit apartment as her FIRST investment).

Brad will be conducting his next Weekend Training Event "Rat-Race 2 Retirement"  in the DFW, TX area. During this Event, Brad will teach the Proven Steps that have enabled him and so many others to Earn Double Digits and Retire in 5 Years or Less!

What You Will Discover When You Join Me In Dallas:

  • The 3-step Wealth Formula Millionaires Know That You Were Never Taught In School
  • Brad's 3 Little Known Rules To Retiring Early And Permanently (These Rules Are Like Gravity: Follow Them And You Won’t Fail)
  • Brad's Proven 12-step Apartment Buying Process That Will Remove The Fear Of Investing In Your First Few Deals
  • The Special Way Brad Analyzes Deals So You’ll Know If It Is Worth Doing Or Not And Exactly How Much You Will Make!
  • How To Have Other People Manage Your Properties So You Just Sit Back And Collect The Money!
  • How To Get Your Deals Easily Financed By Using My Patented “Partner Process”
  • How To Plan For Your Success And Build A Strategy You Can Follow To Reach Your Goals
  • Bonus 1/2 Day Bus Tour Where You Will See Properties Personally Owned By Brad And By His Students (And The Juicy Details Of How We Did The Deals)
  • Brad Will Share Costly Mistakes Most Rookie Investors Make And How You Can Avoid Them
  • How To Use Your Self Directed IRA To Invest And Make Double Digit Returns With
  • Exactly What To Do To Get Started Right Now!

According to the Tax Policy Center, in 2016, a household income of $208,810 would put you in the top 5%.

How would it feel to be in the top 5% of everyone around you? What if you were in the top 1%? Knowing every time you walked into a room of 100 people, YOU were the wealthiest person there? And not only that, imagine that $208,810 was passive!

I have people contact me almost every single day telling me how I’ve helped them transform their financial lives. Thousands of people have come to my live training events and I personally mentor 590 students to help them retire through investing in apartments.

Winners take action. They do whatever it takes - they get mentors, they throw themselves into the community, they network, they learn, and they invest in themselves. And that’s why they win. And that’s why over 400 people will join us in Dallas to learn the secrets I’ve discovered over the last 12 years to retire early and retire rich.

Are you curious to how I’ve been able to help people make passive income, double digit returns, and retire early since 2005? Join us in Dallas and I’ll show you and 400 others.

If you are reading this, there is really nothing left to do but take a deep breath, and click the button below to reserve your seat.

You have my word, it’s really worth it. And you’re not going to be disappointed.

Click the button below, get started, and I will see you in Dallas!

March 9th and 10th, 2019
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General Admission Seating

(Valued a​​​​t $997!)

General Admission: $397

Use Promo Code: Superearly for $300 off

Promo Code Required 

**Each ticket to be purchased individually**

Limited Time Only!!!

General Admission Includes:

  • 16 hours of Training Directly from Brad
  • check-circle
    Network with HUNDREDS of other investors
  • check-circle
    Meet Top Service Providers Hand-Picked by Brad
  • BONUS 1/2 day Bus Tour where you will see properties owned by Brad and his Students
  • Lunch Provided


(Valued at $1497!)

VIP Package: $497

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for $200 OFF

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  • Expedited VIP Registration Area
  • Preferred Front 2 Rows, Classroom-Style Seating
  • Exclusive VIP Lounge with Extra Refreshments & Coffee
  • Early Admission & Bonus 30-minute Session with Brad

Event Location

The training will be held at the exclusive:

Hurst Conference Center

1601 Campus Dr, Hurst, TX 76054


And one other thing, I was going to look for the most common questions I have.

I’ll just tell you off the top of my head because you still might have a few questions.

So if you’re still here, and you’re almost ready, let me tell you this:

Every day I get a ton of questions from people that are referred by other people. They’ll tell their friends, people have such crazy success, they tell their friends and family.

So this is the top 8 questions.

#1 How fast will I see results?

I’ve had students make their first deal within 30 days but that’s not the norm. My students understand this is only the first step to success.

The goal is permanent success, not just making an extra buck real quick.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.

My students who are a little more patient, have a significantly higher long term success rate. So give yourself every possible advantage. It could be the difference between you having a little success, or you having consistent success.

#2 How do I know this will work for my situation?

You might have a specific situation that’s different than most people.

This question is easy because if I didn’t see massive success in every type of person who I’ve mentored, I wouldn’t even have this letter up now.

I wouldn’t waste my time doing this.

What you’re about to learn is so tried and true that I have 100% confidence, that you’re never going to have to think twice about your choice.

After 12 years of investing, learning from mentors myself, coaching people, and speaking around the world, I have never seen one time someone who didn’t feel like they got a chance.

#3 I’ve heard about get rich quick scams how do I know this isn’t one of them?

A scam doesn’t work.

My methods do.

It’s that simple.

So the definition of a scam is something that doesn’t work.

A scam is something that takes your money and leaves you with nothing, my teachings are different.

I give you real proven tools.

A scam offers you some shiny object, then the scam leaves you high and dry.

This is an introductory training to apartment investing, I am planting the seeds of your success. Once those seeds get planted in your mind, no one can take them away from you.

Not the government, recession, divorce, sickness…

These are yours to keep forever.

#4 What if I have a hard time following through with things?

So procrastination.

You see, we learn by example. By having good habits rub off on us. If you’re trying to use willpower to make yourself do stuff, you’re going to struggle. And you aren’t alone.

I struggled with that. This is why it’s important to get around others who have the same goals as you. My weekend training has a social element where you can make friends, business partners, and accountability buddies.

So we’ve eliminated that procrastination issue.

So any concerns you might have right now about following through, we’ve rendered them irrelevant.

#5 Exactly how much money will I make?

Ok look. The goal in life is for you to move up in life and make money.

There’s variation from student to student.

I have students who have become millionaires and students who are happy with an extra $5,000 per month in passive income. It depends how hard you work and how committed you are to learning and taking action on the advice I provide.

The goal is not a random amount of money, but an amount of money perfect for YOU.

Where you have zero stress about money. Where you can do what you want, when you want, with whoever you want.
So the income varies based on where you live, how old you are, how many people depend on you, and how big your dreams are.

So I can’t obviously give you an exact number, there’s a wide range.

Some people want a big millionaire empire, and others just want enough to be happy and secure. To me what’s important is my trainings get you to the amount you want.

You might not need to make a million bucks a year. You might be totally happy with $80,000 or $100,000 from investing.
All I know is that if you’re not using my plan and systems, you’re bank account is lower than it needs to be.

So you can change that today.

The button to register is right there.

#6 Who do you NOT let into your weekend training?

I’ll be blunt here and tell you that if you are expecting this to be one of those “no money down: million bucks tomorrow trainings, you’ll be disappointed. I believe financial freedom takes real work - I just show you the shortcuts I’ve discovered along the way.

The typical person who comes to our weekend training is someone who has a decent job, decent credit, pays their bills on time, that kind of thing. Someone doing okay but looking for more.

#7 What about the bad economy? Isn’t the American dream dead?

Well, the American dream is to go from nothing to something.

Some people in the media, I read articles, they say it’s dead.

They say sexism, racism, stupid government, bad economy, have killed our dreams.

And in some ways, they may be right. All those things do hinder us.

But let me ask you, when was the last time in the last 500 years would you have rather been alive? A couple hundred years ago when there were no antibiotics, and you might die from the flu?

Women couldn’t vote, people were slaves… no, the past wasn’t better.

Now is the best time to be alive.

Trust me, it’s not perfect, even with all the nasty stuff people do.

This is the youngest you’ll ever be in life.

If you don’t take this advantage now, you’ll build that habit of procrastination, those chains get too strong, and can’t break.

90% of the problems in my life, have always been of my own making.

And they aren’t because of other people.

Even if I try to blame them.

It’s me not taking advantage of the things I should be.

When I was broke, it wasn’t the economy.

It was me.

So right now you have a choice, you can focus on other things you can’t change…

Politics, recessions, global economy, or you can simply say, how far can I get by doing everything I can today?

Grab ahold of all the tools life has to offer. I promise, once you do this, all the other stuff won’t be such a big deal. My weekend training is the most powerful tool I can give you to get started.

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