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Interested in applying for mentoring? We offer several options for you to choose from! Simply choose the option that works best for you and learn more about the option by watching the introduction video.


For those interested in learning how to invest passively in apartments, learn all the basics of building your team, underwriting, and being SEC compliant through 18 online training modules and access to our student only networking events where we tour properties and give the students opportunities to grow their investor network.

Personal Mentoring

For those interested in structuring and syndicating deals, personal one-on-one coaching, having direct access to Brad. Personal Mentoring Students will also have the ability to access the Sumrok Deal Box, work with the buyer brokerage team and attend student only networking events.

Foundations 2

For experienced apartment investors who want to be better Asset Managers, Sponsors, and gain a better understanding of Post-Closing Operations and challenges. Topics include but not limited to: Asset Management, Staffing, Budgeting, Planning, Leasing, KPI's, Reporting, Marketing, Due Diligence, Disposition, Refinancing, Taxes, etc. This course is open to both Sumrok Students and Non Students and is delivered through 18 online training modules with Brad and a handful of other industry experts.

Millionaire Multifamily Mastermind

This is a true peer group mastermind with some of the best in the business that includes Sumrok students and non Sumrok students.  You must be willing to share your “secrets”, challenges, and lessons.  This mastermind is exclusively for millionaires who own more than 60 units as a sponsor.

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