Advanced Training PROGRAM

Furthering your education in your industry is paramount, regardless of your field. When it comes to investing in apartments, great investors are always learning and always improving. Broaden your expertise and sharpen your skills with the Advanced Training Program taught by Brad and other successful industry-leading experts. Grow your apartment investing business and get better returns for you and your investors. Whether you’re a current student of Brad Sumrok or not, this invaluable training is crucial to expanding the horizons of your knowledge, and the horizons of your apartment investing business. With lessons from Brad and guest instruction from industry-leading experts, the Advanced Training Program will help you navigate the ever-changing tides in Multifamily Apartment Investing. Brad will tell you more in the video below.

WHAT You WIll Learn:

  • Better Asset Management
  • How to be a better Deal Sponsor
  • Effective communication & troubleshooting
  • How to get the most out of your asset
  • In-depth understanding of Post-Closing Operations
  • Advanced management & operations skills
  • All about staffing, budgeting, planning, marketing, KPI’s, refinancing, disposition, leasing, due diligence, & more
  • From 18 power-packed modules
  • Learn how to get the most return out of each asset for you and your investors
  • Have the potential for higher NOIs
  • Get instruction from the world’s leading apartment and real estate experts
  • Have the potential of growing your apartment investing business to the next level
  • Grow your investor/sponsor network and your circle of influence

what other students are saying:

After 2.5 years in Brad’s Personal Mentoring Program, my wife & I have syndicated & purchased seven properties totaling over 1,300 units. Our net worth has increased by over $4,000,000 and I was able to quit my six-figure job. We now spend our time traveling the world and have more freedom than ever before.

— Venkat & Sri Avasarala

With Brad’s training, we purchased Casa Bella Apartments and 32 months later, we sold it and received a check in the amount of $240,931.30 from the sale! This doesn’t even include our annual returns we received as well. Our total return on our investment is an almost unbelievable 229%. Choosing Brad as our Mentor has changed our lives!

— Sven & Rebecca Dienst

I (Bonnie) was able to quit my 6-figure job in less than 2 years & Kerry was able to quit his in less than 4 years! Thanks to Brad’s program we increased our net worth by over $3,000,000 in less than 3 years. We now enjoy being able to spend more time with our family & are lucky enough to be able to give back to those in need. 

— Bonnie & Kerry Staples

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