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6 Step Millionaire Multifamily Mindest

This whole event is designed to give you the framework to become a Millionaire apartment investor. Brad and Jen are bringing the best speakers, investors, and educators to teach you every step.

  • Mindset – the psychology of Millionaires
  • Mechanics – the how behind Apartment Investing
  • ​Money – Making money and Saving Money with Apartments
  • Markets – What are good markets and market selection
  • Marketing – Branding yourself and your Business
  • ​Mastery – Dominate with proficiency in combined skills

September 2024 | Dallas, TX

“The Apartment King”

Retired after just 3 years investing in apartments, has owned over 7,500 units, and helped hundreds of students increase their worth by Millions following his proven step-by-step process.

continuousLY Learning & Improving

Whether you are simply interested to learn how to invest in apartments or you are looking to grow your apartment investing business, Brad Sumrok offers five unique online courses for any level of apartment investor. See which course is right for you!

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