Want to be a Millionaire Apartment Investor?

Learn to become a Successful Apartment Investor from the Apartment King at Rat Race 2 Retirement


April 26th-28th, 2024 | Dallas, Texas

April 26th-28th, 2024

Dallas, Texas


Millionaire Multifamily Mastermind

You can join Millionaire Multifamily Mastermind as an Individual or with your spouse!

Do you want to…
➔ Add thousands of units to your portfolio
➔ Scale your business in a powerful way
➔ Build connections with other like-minded apartment owners
➔ Learn and implement the best processes and systems to optimize your investment portfolio
➔ Leverage the collective 100+ years of experience to rapidly progress through business challenges and successes
➔ Learn from the brightest, most successful, and knowledgeable millionaire multifamily owners in the industry
➔ Achieve exponential growth in your business by collapsing time frames and leveraging the group’s years of powerful experience

Personal Mentoring

You can join Personal Mentoring as an Individual or with your spouse!

What you will learn with Personal Mentoring:
➔ How to become a deal sponsor/syndicator
➔ How to find & analyze deals
➔ How to make offers
➔ How to secure good debt & raise money to complete your deals
➔ Receive personalized one-on-one coaching
➔ Learn how to find the best apartment deals
➔ Includes the entire Foundations Training program
➔ Gain direct access to Brad and his team
➔ Further your expertise in making great deals that can change your life and your future
➔ Gain exclusive access to the Sumrok Deal Box and Brad’s Multifamily Deal Analyzer
➔ Grow your investor/sponsor network and your circle of influence


Join the AIM Accelerator now!

What you will learn with AIM Accelerator:

➔ How to get started with Apartment Investing

➔ How to locate deals

➔ How to analyze properties

➔ How to make offers

➔ How to do your due diligence

➔ Everything from contract to closing

Home Study Course

Take the Apartment Investor Home Study Course!

What you will learn with Apartment Investor Home Study Course:
➔ How the rich think vs. How average people think
➔ Brad’s proven “recipe” for double-digit returns
➔ Why you need cash flow and capital gains
➔ The power of leverage and OPM
➔ Why apartment investing beats single-family rentals
➔ Using other people’s money to buy large apartments legally
➔ How to identify a good market
➔ 3 things to do to prepare yourself before investing
➔ Brad’s proven apartment investing process


Join the Foundations Course now!

What you will learn with the Foundations Program:

➔ How to invest passively in multifamily deals
➔ Become a sophisticated investor
➔ Make informed investment decisions
➔ Build relationships with other investors and deal sponsors
➔ 18 core training modules on apartment investing and live update webinars
➔ Receive assets including Brad’s property analyzer spreadsheet, sample contracts, LOIs, due diligence documents, & more
➔ Attend student-only property bus tours and networking events
➔ The Sumrok student network of hundreds of other investors in our private Facebook group

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