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Special Video Message from AIMNATCON 2019'S KEY NOTE SPEAKER Robert Kiyosaki:

AIMNATCON is for both seasoned and new real estate investors who want to accelerate their financial success by investing in apartments. Find out why apartments have been and continue to be the “hottest” sector for real estate investing and why more and more people are moving their money out of Wall Street and into real estate, specifically apartments. Plus, with the new tax laws, learn how owning and investing in apartments are even more attractive RIGHT NOW. Learn from some of the best speakers and investors in the business. Gain access to industry experts and service providers from all over the USA. Meet and network with hundreds of other apartment investors and other like-minded individuals. Whether you are new to investing or already an experienced apartment owner that wants to go bigger and faster, this conference is for you. Seating is limited and this event will SELL OUT.


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Event Location:
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Dallas Fort Worth
DFW Airport

Dallas Love Field
Love Field

AIMNATON 2019 Speakers:

Brad Sumrok

Since 2005 Brad has personally helped his Students purchase over 300 apartment complexes involving hundreds of investors, most of whom attended Brad’s training. Many of Brad’s Students begin with no previous investing experience and within a few short years, many have retired and/or increased their net worth by over $1,000,000. 

Brad has continued his own progression as an Apartment Investor since he retired in 2005. He has owned over 3,700 Apartment Units and has invested as an Individual, Syndicator and Passive Investor. Brad’s passions include his wife Jen, family, travel, health and fitness and of course his Apartments & his Students. His Personal Mission is to help a thousand people retire from their jobs or become millionaires by transferring his 16+ years of Apartment Investing experience to those who attend his training and events. 

Robert Kiyosaki 

Keynote Speaker

Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—the #1 personal finance book of all time—Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives, take control of our financial future, and live the rich life we deserve.

Tom Wheelwright

Best selling author of Tax-Free Wealth and Rich Dad tax advisor. 

Tom is the visionary and best selling author behind multiple companies that specialize in wealth and tax strategy. Tom is also a leading expert and published author on partnerships and corporation tax strategies, a well-known platform speaker and a wealth education innovator.

In Tom’s best selling book Tax-Free Wealth, Tom shows entrepreneurs and investors how to build massive amounts of wealth through practical and strategic ways to permanently reduce taxes.

Harry Dent, Jr

Harry has written numerous books over the years. In his book The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1992, he stood virtually alone in accurately forecasting the unanticipated boom of the 1990s.  In The Demographic Cliff, he shows why we’re facing a “great deflation” after several years of stimulus — and what to do about it now. In 2016 Harry published, The Sale of a Lifetime, where he reveals the secret behind many of the largest (and fastest!) fortunes in history out of great crashes that can create a profits windfall that will last you generations. In his latest book, Zero Hour: Turn the Greatest Political and Financial Upheaval in Modern History to Your Advantage, Harry Dent reveals why the greatest social, economic, and political upheaval since the American Revolution is on our doorstep. 

Harry received his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence.

Robert Helms

Robert is the host and founder of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show

Born into a real estate family, Robert spent five years as the resident property manager for a multi-unit apartment building in California (one of the most difficult states in which to manage property).  During this time he acquired an enormous amount of practical property management “street smarts”.  For years, he taught a highly rated Landlord Boot Camp for newbie residential investment property owners.  Along the way, Robert taught 4 years of college level real estate classes and has taught thousands of students.  He is a highly sought after speaker on the subject of real estate and investing.

Robert also worked for 18 years in residential real estate brokerage with his father and business partner, Bob “the Godfather of Real Estate” Helms.  Together, they were top producers and were recognized in the top 1% of the largest real estate chain in the world. The skills he refined in the areas of marketing, negotiating and relationship management serve him well in his daily business, as well as adding valuable perspectives to each broadcast and presentation.

Today, Robert is a professional real estate investor and developer.  He has personally bought and sold real estate for his own account in eight states and five countries.  He has been involved in development projects whose aggregate value exceed $300 million.

Garrett Sutton

Garrett is a corporate attorney, asset protection expert and best selling author who has sold more than 900,000 books to guide entrepreneurs and investors.

For more than 30 years, Garrett Sutton has run his practice assisting entrepreneurs and real estate investors in limiting their liability and maximizing their financial goals through asset protection strategies. The companies he founded, Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center, have helped more than 10,000 clients protect their assets.

Behind the Scenes at AIMNATCON 

Past Speakers:

Grant Cardone

Mr. 10X, Best Selling Author, and Multifamily investor.

Brad Sumrok

AKA The Apartment King, Brad Sumrok is the most successful Apartment Investing Mentor in the world. With student deals over $1B.

Tom Wheelright

Best selling author of Tax-Free Wealth and Rich Dad tax advisor.

John Sebree

Vice President & National Director for Marcus & Millichap’s National Multi Housing Group.

Robert Helms

Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio, the longest running real estate education program in the world.

Russell Grey

Co-Host of The Real Estate Guys Radio show.

What others are saying:

Brad Sumrok's apartment investing students are CRUSHING IT. Here's a recap of 2018:

In 2018, Brad’s students have purchased 52 apartment deals in 12 different markets across the US, totaling 7,414 units. There is no other apartment investing mentor on earth with these kinds of successful results with their program. See all of the total stats below and COME LEARN HOW TO GET OUT OF THE RATE RACE BY FLIPPING APARTMENTS!


Major Markets Invested in


Doors Purchased


Deal Volume Purchased


Equity Raised


Total Deals

A message from Brad

I always knew I wanted to be financially free, but I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to invest in real estate because of the high r​​​​eturns, stability, & passive income but had no idea where the heck to start.

I went to college, got good grades, secured myself a decent high paying job, & to everyone around me I was doing “so well”, but I was dying inside. I thought to myself “this can’t be it, can it? Is this the pinnacle of my life? I did everything I was supposed to, yet I’m never going to get rich if I keep going on like this.”

If you’ve ever felt this way, you're not alone! This is very common among my students. This is one of the biggest reasons people serious about investing will come to Rat Race 2 Retirement. It is extremely important that you surround yourself with people who want the same things you want. It can be a lonely ride to the top, & most of us can’t really talk to our friends & family about this kind of stuff - if you know what I mean.

When I became a millionaire through investing in apartments, I decided to mentor others to do the same. I am willing to help anyone willing to help themselves. I believe you can do it, even if you have no experience. When I started, I didn’t know what to do either & that’s why mentoring is so important to me.

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