After 17 years in the corporate "Rat-Race," I took the leap and started investing in real estate with absolutely no previous investing experience. After just 3 short years, I retired from my corporate job at Age 38 with over $1,000,000 PROFIT from my first 2 Apartment Deals.
Here's the story of how it happened and how it can happen for you too...

Income. Freedom. Security.

Brad & Jen Care About Your Success

Since 2005 Brad has personally helped his Students purchase over 250 apartment complexes involving hundreds of investors, most of whom attended Brad's training. Many of Brad's Students begin with no previous investing experience, full-time jobs, and not a lot of time or money.

Brad has continued his own progression as an Apartment Investor since he retired in 2005. He has owned over 3000 Apartment Units.

Brad's passions include his wife Jen, family, travel, health and fitness and of course his Apartments & his Students. His Personal Mission is to help as many people as possible obtain more Income, Freedom and Security by transferring his 15+ years of Apartment Investing experience to those who attend his training.

When Brad is not Mentoring and Teaching, he spends his time with his wife & family, working out, and traveling. The Income from his Apartment Investing has allowed him to live life on his own terms, spend time with family and friends, enjoy two residences (Texas and Florida) and travel the world. Brad wants you to be able to enjoy the same quality of life that he and Jen have...

Imagine being able to pay your bills with your Investment Income and retire within 5 Years or Less...what are you waiting for?

Awards & Media

Brad won the National Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year Award in 2012

He has been embraced by the USA's top Magazines for Real Estate Investors as a Trusted Advisor and "Expert". Brad recently received the Top 50 Award for Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers and Market Leaders Award in 2014.

Brad has appeared on TV stations such as “Good Morning Texas" multiple times to share his perspectives on the Real Estate Market and Apartment Investing with audiences all over the USA.

Brad will mentor anyone who is serious about their success.

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